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EDIT: Holy, that was fast. Thank you very much for your interest ><!!!

Hi! I know I haven't been very active over here, but I hope I can find some people interested! 

I'm doing quick commissions to cover the cost of something, here's one sample:

Style 4 is basically my normal style. The coloring I'm offering is depicted in each image. 

※ Fully colored only. 
※ Shading and drawing style might slightly differ from the sample img.
※ Extra character is allowed for +$10 for all styles but 4. 
※ GL/BL OK. I don’t do mecha/furries/NSFW.

If you're interested, please note me~ First come, first serve basis. Thank you! 

I just wanted to say thank you for all your wonderful and sweet messages wishing me a Happy Birthday!! It really touches me that even though I'm not as active over here anymore, you'd still write something for me;;//

I did have a good day, thank you so much!! I'll be always grateful for your support!!!

Hope you all a good 2016 while it still lasts!! Cheers!!!

Because I know I'm not as active here as I was in the past years (summary:Uni), I was sincerely surprised at the amount of HBD wishes I have gotten this year.
I'd just like to thank you all for dropping by going out of your way to drop a message for me, I really appreciate it!!! 

Many things have changed year after year, and I might have long lost your interest in my works in between. 
Still, I want to tell you that DA holds a very special place in my heart, mainly because I've met so many wonderful people here..!! 

I hope to be able to keep sharing my hobby-yet-not-so-hobby with you for many years to come, even if I rarely update. 

I wish everyone all the best for what's left of 2015!!

Hola, fellow Chileans!

Escribo este journal para informales que, junto a :iconjumpix:, estaremos como expositores en la AEX el próximo 1 y 2 de Febrero con el nombre de " DJ Project" !!  :iconkermityayplz:

Esta va a ser la primera vez que me de a conocer en público como Dae! Sean amables conmigo por favor :iconfryamazedplz:

Los estaré esperando!! Espero que sea una experiencia grata para todos!! :iconfinlandcryplz:

P.d.: Para los que vayan, pueden dejarme una petición para hacer un print de algún dibujo que quieran de mi galería!! Los precios serán similares con los demás artistas, creo! Jeje 
Dun dun dun!! Time for results :icondramaticplz:

Out of the 809 participants,  6 people have been picked using! :icongermandanceplz:
※※Also very sorry if I only replied with your number!! A bit too many comments and not much free time available :iconheshipthemsohardplz: 
For those that thanked me for this, it was no problem at all!! It's the least thing I can do!
And for the ones that asked for my favorite food, it's both sushi and takoyaki www
:icondramaticspainplz: Anyway! The winners are.....!!!:icondramaticspainplz:


Mini prize list & winners:

◆ 1st chibi - :iconmadhatterkyoko: - No. 368 

  2nd chibi - :iconkairi-rin: - No. 387 

◆ 3rd chibi for the person that caught my 500k pv kiriban - :iconbeliefinyourself:

  1st colored sketch*- :icondeedumdumdoo: - No. 738

 2nd colored sketch* - :iconreirupan: - No. 53

◆ 1st 3 Month Prem. sub - :iconkenzichii: - No. 623

◆ 2nd 3 Month Prem. sub - :iconriolutae: - No. 380

Due to the success of this, I might do another surprise giveaway somewhere in 2014! 
(I was so freaking hungry while I was replying all the food comments..orz)

Many thanks to everyone that participated in this mini event!!! :iconkittycatdanceplz: I hope it was enjoyable even in the slightest!!

As for the winners, congratulations!! I'll be noting you soon!!

:iconredsparklesplz::icongreensparklesplz: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :icongreensparklesplz::iconredsparklesplz:

Aaaaaaaaaa I remember Rii telling me about it but I totally forgot for some reason---....!!!!!!!
live the music by Daenarys

My illustration " live the music " was suggested by iingo and featured by Damaged927 for a DD!!

Many, many thanks for all the congratulations and sweet comments!!! It's an honor to receive a third DD!!!

Also many thanks to everyone for their constant support, regardless if it's views, favs, watches, comments, critiques, etcetc!! I have gotten this far thanks to you and all of the friends I've made over the online community!!

I'm sad that little by little, I'm having less time to dedicate to this hobby  and probably will let many of you guys down with the lack of activity or improvement in the next months or years. Still, I hope that regardless of that and many other factors, I'll still be receiving such a wonderful support as you guys have given me through all these years.

I also apologize again for not being able to reply to most of your comments and notes (sorry for the very late replies!!), but the least I can reassure is that I read them and treasure them, whether they are positive or negative ones. 

As for notes though, I repeat like I did in my profile that I'm not accepting any kind of project offers (manga, games, novels, etcetc) due to personal reasons, and won't be replying any kind of notes regarding these matters.

Lastly, thanks once again for everything guys!!!

Hello guys!! Hope everyone's been doing okay!!

Like always, thank you very much for the support you've given me!! Whether they were favs, comments, llamas, notes, and so on, I very much appreciate all of them!!!

Sadly, I have a really limited free time and aren't able to reply to everyone-- So now, I'm putting up this journal to reply to frequently asked questions to help it out a bit!! I'll try my best to reply to everything as long as they aren't inappropriate or rude!! I'll put the relevant ones in the journal itself.

I'll be waiting! (I'll add a few common ones myself).

1.- What program and tablet do you use to draw?

-I use SAI paint tools and an Wacom Intuos 4 medium size Bamboo Fun (my intuos died ;_;).

2.- What is the common size of your canvas?

- The standard size I use is A3 preset 350 dpi, then I go modifying it as I draw.

3.- Have you ever taken classes of art? Are you studying art right now?

- Nope. Everything I know about was pretty much self taught. And no, again, I'm majoring in Chemistry Engineering.

4.- Are you a girl or a boy?

- Should be pretty obvious by now.. 8) But call me whatever you want.

5.- Are you really a mattress?

- Yes, quality mattress made out of the best duck feathers out there :icondesiremeplz:

6.- What motivates you to draw?

- Nowadays I hardly draw anymore, but sometimes anime/manga series influence me enough to want to draw fanart of it.. Oh and also, RP-ing with friends!

7.- Who is your favorite artist?

- Currently, my favorite artist is Isao!

8.- Senpai can I lay down on your comfy mattress body?

- Of course go ahead :iconlazyinviteplz:--- But don't tell Rii okay :iconlazeplz:

9.- What kind of Engineering are you studying?

- Majoring in Chemistry now!

10.- What if you were secretly made of goose feathers?

-Well, then that goose would be a hell of a quality goose I say. Also the feathers are not pink but gay fuchsia.

11- What made you want to start your fabulous art life ?

- ..F...Fabulous huh... :iconimcryingsomuchplz: --Hmm tbh Idk what made me start to draw digitally-- Or how I got to find RateMyDrawings site-- (that's where everything started)-- I was just your average kid wanting to draw some animu and be praised by it I guess tsk tsk /sigh

12- May I ask - how many hours do you draw on average per day/week?

- Sadly, I barely have any time to draw these days ; v ;... As for 2014, I'd barely touch my tablet very sporadically. 

13 - About how long does it take for you to finish a detailed picture?

- I'm very slow at drawing... I guess it generally depends on how complex/clean I draw it..

Todavia no es seguro de que vaya, pero me preguntaba si algunos de ustedes va : ) Me gustaria conocer a mas gente de la comunidad de Deviantart por alla!! Y si arrendaron un puesto, integrenme plz :iconrlyplz:/HIT!!

Jajaja no, en serio, no tengo idea de como pedir un puesto y apuesto que ya estan todos tomados jajajaja!! Pero de todos modos, nos estaremos viendo, seguramente :iconsparklesplz:
Hehehe hello guys~!! It's been quite a long while huh?! Please excuse my inactivity these days even though I'm in my summer breaks (though I'm full-time working OTL)-- This year too will be pretty hard for me so not sure if I'll be more around this year, but either way, thanks as always for the constant support ^ O ^

In another note, I recently felt the urge to play Mad Father (Indie japanese horror game which was pretty popular some time ago)--!! Not sure how long I'll be able to play it today since I gotta work tomorrow, but if you feel like joining my random cursing and dying whale sounds, feel free to pass by!! ^ O ^

Livestream ->

P.S.: OH ALSO HAPPY VALENTINE DAY EVERYONE ^ O ^//// Solo or couples, hope everyone had a wonderful day today hehehehe//!!
Espero que estén teniendo un feriado increíble!!! Es muy rico tener un fin de semana tan largo como este jajajaja!! Las playas deben estar repletas puesto que al paracer Santiago se encuentra medio vacío jeje! No se olviden de comer un rico asadito, unas cuantas empanadas y harta chicha! :iconrlyplz::iconsparklesplz:

Aprobechando también esta entrada, quisiera preguntarles alguna cosilla más para aquellos que van a convenciones y cosas así!!// Siempre he querido participar en un evento de Anime Expo o Anime Festival pero en primer lugar, no tengo idea del sistema ese para arrendar mesas o siquiera donde podría imprimir mis dibujos/hacer chapitas/marcadores de libros/llaveros y cosas por el estilo!!

Si alguien de ustedes tiene la bondad de darme algún tipo de información, se los agradecería bastante! ´ 7 ´/// Si no, gracias de todos modos <3

Pasenla bien cabros!!
The CG process of my drawing "Forgotten Portrait" has been uploaded!!

You can go watch it at === >… , if you're interested!

Hope you enjoy it!!!//

Dawjdawbhbawdhawdwa AUGHHHH I TOTALLY FORGOT OMG OTL!!!! I-I actually came to know about it yesteday in the morning so I COMPLETELY FORGOT UNTIL SOMEONE POINTED IT OUT JUST A BIT AGO----

Dawjdbauwdbawu aaaaaaa OTLLL!!! :icontearplz: I-I don't know-- I just-- Just tons, TONS of thanks to Elieda for suggesting my drawing called "Doll Collector" for a DD and tons TONS of thanks to Miss-It-Girl for giving/featuring it !!!! OTLLL

Doll Collector by Daenarys

T-this is my second one and maann I-I just don't know very much how to handle this kind of recognition but yes-- Thank you very, very, very much for this :icontearplz:/// Just makes me want to try harder and feel at least a bit more of proud of the works I have drawn, even if drawing is only a hobby to me > <!!!!!!!/// I would so much more but people are waiting for me to go back at LS-ing so duawhdauwdhawdsa just have my greatest appreciation showed through these words T 7 T////

Thanks always for your support guys, I really don't know what I would do without it T 7 T///!!!!
Hello guys!! It's been a while ; 7 ;///
As some of you might know I started my last year of highschool a few weeks ago (the reason of why I'm in a hiatus atm, terribly sorry for my lack of response ><!! ) and I'm pretty much all beaten up already haha! (Seriously hahaha school life has never been this busy for me OTL ) Hope everyone has been doing good and hopefully many of you aced those crazed Northern Hemisphere's midterms as well!

So! I just wanted to share with you guys PaletteFragment's awesomesauce entry for Vocafusion's round three! :iconrlyplz: (I only drew for their second one but doesn't mean that I can advertise it some more, hm? :iconmingplz: /hithit)

Anyway, please check it out if you can over here -->… <-

Their artist for this round were minataka94 and jvvvk!! They collabed and came up with this awesome picture// Please check it out if you can as well!!

Sainou Sampler by minataka94

If you liked PareFura's, please vote for them at… !!

Be seein' you all soon! :iconprussiasparklesplz:

Drawing process!!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 21, 2012, 8:11 PM
I thought that some of you guys would be interested in seeing the speed-up process of my latest deviation, King Stance, since I'm just an inept for making tutorials ; v ;!//

Youtube Link:…

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Dear Secret Santa 2012

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 14, 2012, 10:43 PM
For :iconboys-exchange:

Recycling an older wishlist for this one aiyaa I'm really sorry for the delay!! ; 7 ;///


Yo, my cool SS person ^ O ^ Some of the info below will be old and some really rushed-- But please go ahead and do anything you want with my characters hahahaha// Thank you very very much in advance and excitingly waiting for the exchange day <3

The list is not in a particular priority order!! However, the OCs I love the most are Toxy and Niff ^ p ^/// It's up to you if you want to draw only one of course!!//


◆1. : Niff and Toxy ((c) riingo)

LoX: Niffelheim Slade by Daenarys LoX: Toxy by riingo Happy Birthday Waifu by Daenarys
More references (stealing from Rii's hehehe /HIT) -->……

OLD Info

S-sob I don't know what to say/// This is the only official romantically-oriented couple I have so far hahaha// Both of them are really special to me, so if it's possible, I would be really happy if you drew them for me V///V Hmm what else-- Oh um okay so.. ( DAMN RII YOU LIKE.. WROTE DOWN ALL MY LINES FIRST-- /HITokok) You can check her description here (…) since I think she worded it out way better than me OTL

Sumary : In the very beginning they were just an idiot  tsundere duo that would kick each other's ass whenever the chance came, but something went..wrong somewhere and yup, they ended together magically// /SHOTJKJK-- Anyway, they still treat the other as an idiot and tend to fight over dumb things but they do truly care about each other a lot in the inside and are really overprotective of the other too (Specially Niff, I think LOL). As for a bit of Niff's side, he recently got to understand and feel what the word "happiness" really meant thanks to his raburii "scarf whore" //

TL : DR = Do whatever you want ^ P ^//

◆2. : Micchi and Shizuka ((c) yoonsik)

HH: Midorikawa Inui by Daenarys forget that summer by Daenarys
I just noticed you haven't drawn a colored ver of nori eyebrows yoon + __ +!! SO SORRY TO HAVE MY DRAWING AS HIS REF OTL;;; )

More references (hope you don't mind me posting these here bro ; o ;!) -->


Yoon and I created an AU with my HH OC Inui (Micchi) and the male version of hers (Shizuka) were they become best friends (and fail bros) after Shizuka saving Micchi from falling down the rooftop.  I'm still pretty.. unsure about Shizuka's personality, but I remember Yoon describing him as a "sarcastic" type, but I just consider him to be a "Cold Ice Prince" type in public, yet really friendly with his close friends. As for Micchi, he's just a dumb happy-go-lucky dog boy that likes socializing with people (and is pretty stubborn about it). Even though they supposedly don't get along very well in the beginning, they soon start to enjoy their youthful summer at school together, only to realize that everything was nothing but a dream in the end.

Please don't forget that they are only best friends/bros as the story is so far > < !! Bromance is okay, but not very over touchy please T 7 T//! On an extra note, they always fail at flirting/picking up girls too LOL (they would be most likely sulking in a corner at valentine's day HAHA).


Newer Info: Sorry for the big messiness here I'm running a bit out of time ; 7 ;///

◆3.- Ligo and Taemin (I'll just copy paste Rii's descrip hehe) -> "Two regular high-school students, and since we're rather indecisive of their relationship and story so far, draw them however you like! We originally planned for them to be just "bros" with a friendly relationship, but have also entertained the idea of them being involved romantically as well... so it's pretty flexible I guess, hehe//"…………

◆4.- Remi -> Just mainly cheerful and fab-wannabe. Loves music. Item of choice: Hoodies and guitars.

live the music by Daenarys

◆5.- Pengu -> Emotionless penguin alien. Was born in Penguin Planet. Item of choice: Riffles and machineguns.……

◆6.- Cen -> Basically nuts/crazy. Always with a labcoat on + a mask with fox-like features. Item of choice : Scalpels.

MAGE: Ellen by Daenarys MAGE: BoF by Syranead MAGE: Tricore - Melodious Warrior by Syranead…

◆7.- Alma -> Mystery boy. Implied to be a fallen angel. He pays for his sins with delivering love letters to lovers that will most likely end in tragedy. Item of choice: Umbrella.
Rainy Day by Daenarys Delivery by CelestialValkyrie

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Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2011, 3:38 PM

I'm a bit late (I-I have this horrible hangover giving me a hard time sob) but MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYSS * 7 *!!! I've been really blocked lately, and just barely finished this doodle! (their kid version hehehe//)

Anyway, just a little more ltill 2011 ends and 2012 begins.. ; 7 ;!! Hope you have a very nice new year and best wishes and luck to achieve your goals set in next year!! <33

P.S. : This drawing was based in a..very bizarre dream I had in the first week of december where they would try breaking into a really fancy mansion and complete like.. different kind of quests to reach the Christmas tree and reward the good kids that lived there-- Until they reach the part where the tree was supposed to be, but it turns out to be a fake one and they take revenge by burning the place down and stealing their fridge... Weird dream + 7 + (.. Their outfits were far worse than this though LOL)

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Thank You and Thank You!!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 16, 2011, 7:58 PM
Hello hello ; v ;//

I just wanted to say that I'm very grateful to  naomicoco and MzzAzn for the first DD I've gotten in DA T v T!! For the past few days I've been horribly sick and the headache barely lets me stare at the computer screen for a while, but still, this totally brightened up my night!! T 7 T!! Also, I've hit 10k+ watchers just recently, for my surprise. I've said it countless of times already but thank you all for everything and everything!!! I'll try thinking in some kind of surprise for the members of my FC when I get some free time as well!//

In the other hand, many thanks to the mysterious ninja that gave me a sub sob/// Please tell me who you are so I can thank you personally TT 7 TT!!!////

Anyway, I'm just waiting to get better to draw the 2131287318237812 stuff I have to sobb!! Commissions will be definitely my priority, just tellin'ya my precious customers;; I'm sorry for making you wait to much!!

Okok, hope you're all having a nice day~~!

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Tumblr + YT updates!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 28, 2011, 12:14 PM
Recycling journals hahah// Anyway! I've been asked by a quite.. big amount of people to give away my Tumblr ;//  It was originally a private account but since I already have some random followers.. *- *;;There's nothing much to see over there but if you really want it, here it is!

In the other hand, I've been occupied with doing vocaloid song covers haha// If you're interested (and prepared to have your ears bleed only from the parts I sing sob), here's the one I did with :iconnaguri:… and with :iconhakiru:… past few days!//

Once again, thanks tons for the new watches, favs, pvs and specially the comments!// I might not reply all except my profile ones, but I do read and appreciate all of them okok!! ^ O ^

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Commission [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 11, 2011, 8:56 AM

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪

Full BG CG ✧ [FULL]

Sample: S.K.Y. live by Daenarys drowning in a wave of sadness by Daenarys prayer by Daenarys

Price Range: $-* - No extra character**

*Price will vary with the picture's complexity.
**This, however, can be talked out.

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪

Clean and Simple[FULL]

Sample: Kisaragi, attention! by Daenarys middle boy by Daenarys

Info: Knee-up to Full Body drawing, simple BG. Cell Shade.  

Price: $-* - Extra Character Negotiable

*Price will vary with the character's complexity + picture complexity (angle/movement wise). This will be discussed in the note.

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪

✧ Bust Up ✧ [FULL]

Sample: Kisaragi, attention! by Daenarys (Style wise)

Info: Bust-up. Cellshade

Price: $-

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪
◆ Points to keep in mind:

- Commissioned piece's style might vary from the samples.
- Coloring will be cell-shading. Can be changed to soft shading if requested, but if the quality varies it's commissioner's responsibility.
- I mainly price my drawings depending in how much time I spend doing them, so the prices might change from opening to opening.
- Notes will be chosen from the description given.
- I don't draw furries (kenomimi and tails are fine), mecha and wrinkly people. ^ q ^;;

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪

I would like you to fill a note with:

【Your Paypal email/account】:
【Information about the character】:
【Extra info for me to keep in mind】: (this isn´t neccesary)

♪(◜(◜▿(◜▿(◜▿‾ (◜▿‾ ( ´▿` ) ‾▿◝) ‾▿◝)▿◝)▿◝)◝) ♪

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